HELMUT Tour 2018

Berlin based musician Helmut released his second album ourwalls in late 2017. We created gentle generative live visuals to encircle his tender and fragile live performances.

EMPIRE OF OIL by Costa Compagnie

With EMPIRE OF OIL, the Costa Compagnie in cooperation with the Ballhaus Ost starts a substantial inquiry into this most decisive resource: divided into three separate media and parts, the project circles the complex topic oil and looks into the two contrary countries of Norway and Iraq. The Scandinavian nation is a most vital supplier of oil and gas to Germany, while Northern Iraq – in turmoil over attempts of Kurdish independence – is a base for the German Forces and other allied troops to fight ISIS/DAESH and also contains one of the largest oil fields in the region.

AIYP 2017

Hidden in the wilderness of Germanys true north the annual AIYP festival attracts young folks from near and far. To illuminate the nightly darkness and give the dancing herd a point of reference we covered the lamps created by Lichtloch in an otherworldly glow.

FASCION by Costa Compagnie

The multi-facetted art project FASCION works as a critical observation towards the aesthetic strategies of a radically changing political landscape. After a street poster campaign in Kreuzberg, a participatory protest-installation and choreographic situations took place at Kottbusser Tor, GALLERY MARIO KREUZBERG and Ballhaus Ost. The work by Felix Meyer-Christian, the Chilenean artist Simón Lobos Hinijosa, four performers and a musician centered around the topic of neo-facist movements and the recent growth of populist right wing parties.