FASCION by Costa Compagnie

Video & Mapping
FASCION | Costa Compagnie | March - June 2017

The multi-facetted art project FASCION works as a critical observation towards the aesthetic strategies of a radically changing political landscape. After a street poster campaign in Kreuzberg, a participatory protest-installation and choreographic situations took place at Kottbusser Tor, GALLERY MARIO KREUZBERG and Ballhaus Ost. The work by Felix Meyer-Christian, the Chilenean artist Simón Lobos Hinijosa, four performers and a musician centered around the topic of neo-facist movements and the recent growth of populist right wing parties. A central part is a benchpress and the question for the de-/politization of physical sculpture and interviews with Berlin based artists from India, Japan, Turkey, the USA, Argentina, Chile, Germany and Israel.