EMPIRE OF OIL by Costa Compagnie

Projection Mapping | 360° Video | VR - ongoing
EMPIRE OF OIL 2017-18 | Costa Compagnie

With EMPIRE OF OIL, the Costa Compagnie in cooperation with the Ballhaus Ost starts a substantial inquiry into this most decisive resource: divided into three separate media and parts, the project circles the complex topic oil and looks into the two contrary countries of Norway and Iraq. The Scandinavian nation is a most vital supplier of oil and gas to Germany, while Northern Iraq – in turmoil over attempts of Kurdish independence – is a base for the German Forces and other allied troops to fight ISIS/DAESH and also contains one of the largest oil fields in the region. Does the powerful resource entail the potential for a social welfare utopia like Norway or does it lead to a never-ending war like in Iraq? What are the experiences of oil producers and oil workers and the people in their local context?

Between November 2017 and May 2018, the group will develop three intermedial performances and a virtual reality film, based on the 360°-video material that they filmed on-site in Stavanger, Bergen, Kristiansand, Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk and Mosul, the latter during the Kurdish referendum and closure of the air-space.

The Costa Compagnie approaches these questions with documentation and abstraction and starts out in November with a video-work and by building a 360°-video space at Ballhaus Ost in November. In February 2018, the second performance will take a text-based and VR-focused approach, while in May 2018, a dance performance will conclude the the inter-media discourse on this globally critical issue.

Artistic Director / Research / 360°-Camera Felix Meyer-Christian Camera / Photo / Drone Stefan Haehnel Fixer Repak Dawdi, Hana Quader Stage Design / Costume Zahava Rodrigo Projection Mapping & Programming Erik Kundt Video-Editor Michail Rybakov Video-Support René Liebert Composition / Soundart Marcus Thomas Vocals Inger Lindsjørn Nordvik Buzuq Mevan Younes Voice-Over / Dramaturgy Hauke Heumann Graphic Fanny Wühr Dramaturgy-Assistant Lena Mallmann Production Assistant / Cutter& Nicole Nowak Cutters Timothy Justin Lalonde, Ana Catalá, Karo Serafin, Miguel Murrieta Vásquez Support Doaa Ahmed, Jascha Viehstaedt

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