Zirkular is a Berlin-based collective for generative design, coding and transmedia content.
Having a background in IT and theoretical physics, we share an interest in harvesting the hidden potential of science and technology for arts and society.


For general questions, please send an email to zirkular@systemli.org.





Erik works as software developer and media artist in the field of audio / visual coding with a strong focus on its application in performing arts. He finished his studies of Computer Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg in 2011 with a thesis on guitar sound classification and synthesis which eventually led to an occupation with Native Instruments in Berlin later on. There he was involved in the development of real-time audio systems, but also started exploring graphics programming. In 2017 he began working with the Hamburg / Berlin-based group Costa Compagnie and joined the production of FASCION and EMPIRE OF OIL, where he was responsible for video production and the projection mapping of an 360° video space at Ballhaus Ost Berlin. Within this project he also started creating interactive VR movies using tools known from game development. In spring 2018, Erik joined the Ethereum Foundation as part-time developer, working on the Solidity programming language. Besides these occupations he is co-founder of the Berlin-based Zirkular collective, building media installations and custom VJ software.



Has left academia to work on projects of more immediate human response. Strong background in code development, scientific computing and data analysis.


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